Masterkey Master Mind Alliance

The Masterkey Master Mind Alliance  commonly referred to as the MKMMA was a super success.

Everyone is interested in writing blogs these days. Lisa writes about procrastination. Seems most people are plagued with that problem at times during their lifetime.  The MKMMA course that was finished this spring was very enlightening and dealt with many character and skill building techniques. I am looking forward to the new MKMMA class starting in September however right now the big word is Go90Grow.  Join this group  and learn the numerous Network Marketing skills for free. Everyone wants to grow their Network Marketing business and this information is tried and true. You will see the difference quickly.

You can read Barbara’s compelling story about the many benefits of the Mangosteen fruit and Xango just by clicking on Mangosteen.

The excitement is growing with Go90Grow.  The first video has been released. Please watch it here. 

There are more exciting videos to follow. I will send them all to you as they are released.

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Week 16

Visualization and Spiritual

As I thought to compose this week’s blog I felt this lesson of Hannel more or less reflected many things in my life. The wealth that I have obtained in this life’s journey is more on the spiritual side that the monetary side. Being positive and having visualization of what to expect is what keeps me on the proper track. Chuck and I have been retired over 20 years but we continue to learn, read, experiment, eat healthy, exercises our brains and body and stay extremely healthy for our ages. We always try to make life better and easier.

As a child I had very high ideals, no drinking, smoking or wild life. My Grandma Tyler (whom I helped care for her from 1940 thru 1965 when she went to be with the Lord) told me to always follow the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. “Don’t ever do anything that you cannot be proud of and you will always able to look everyone in the eye and be proud of what you have done. ”Grandma never did appear to be particularly religious however she was the most kind hearted person in the world. She would never gossip or say anything to hurt anyone. She would repeat the Lords Prayer and always say “For thine is Kingdom and the Power and the Glory forever and forever and forever and forever Amen. Grandma was married to Benjamin Tyler who was a descendent of President John Tyler. Grandpa was killed in a logging accident and my Mother age 16 the eldest of eight children and Grandma raised all of them to be very productive citizens by themselves.
I was raised on a ranch near Bailey and in 1944 my parents purchased Grandma’s homestead near Shawnee and we moved there. In 1945 my father was thrown from a horse and broke his leg and never fully recovered. In 1946 against all of our wishes he insisted on operating the potato digger and re-broke his leg. Now it was my job to help run the ranch and care for the cattle along with attending school all that time.
Chuck had returned from the Navy after 4 years and was the caretaker of the ranch adjoining our ranch. Luckily Chuck had the same ideals that I had and we were married. We had our first daughter when I was 20. The pickings were very slim on the ranch so Chuck worked at the 23 mile long Harold D. Roberts tunnel and Dillon Dam for water for Denver. We were able to purchase a deep freeze and fill it from the garden we raised. We had enough money to feed and clothe the four children and ourselves and pay the high doctor bills as our son was very ill. Now that Chuck’s job had ended we both went back to school for a year. We found ourselves in Andrew Carnegie’s mother and Sir Thomas Lipton’s position no money
We both had the vision of having our own home and being able to raise our children with a good education so we moved to Denver. We purchased our first home on his GI bill in Lakewood with nothing down. He obtained a wonderful job at Keebler Co. and I worked for ATT. He was very fond of his job and I liked my job as well. I moved up very quickly on my job and could have done better however sometimes in the job market you have to lower your standards and I refused to do that.
I really liked Week 16 exercise knowing that harmony and happiness are states of consciousness not possession of material things. My mental attitude and spiritual nature are in unity with the Universal Mind which gives me complete enjoyment. I have found the Truth and it has set me free.
I will be with you again next week continuing the MKMMA course.

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Week 13

Mind is a Wonderful Thing

In the beginning the creative power of thought was responsible for naming all of the animal and vegetable kingdom. The thought would have come from the Infinite and placed in the mind of man. For all inventors the Infinite places the thought in the mind of a man before it is brought to fruition. As each invention is improved or changed it still had to come from the power of the creative mind.

We all should be thankful as we look back at our forefathers as they prayed and wrote and then rewrote our Constitution weighing each part for the benefit to all that it would affect. Their knowledge of the creative nature of thought put them in touch with the Infinite power.

I liked Og “So long as there is breath in me I persist”, “one of the greatest principles of success, persist long enough I win.

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Week 12

Week 12

The Power of Thought

The scientific understanding of the power of spiritual thought creates all things that have ever been created. Reflect back to the beginning of time and realize the Infinite thoughts of the Divine have created, invented, discovered all things. If a man can think or conceive an idea the power of thought is totally unlimited and it can be formulated.
As we realize we must cooperate with the Infinite as we cannot change it and we have the understanding of Natural laws which gives us knowledge, power, courage and faith to have or do anything we hold in our thought pattern.

As I attempted to finish my Blog I found myself in the emergency room for eight hours, I
must refer back to OG as I felt like the bull in the ring from the sting of the blade. I realize that I am tested each day and I refuse to whine and complain as I was not brought into this earth to fail. I will charge forward over and over again for as I persist I succeed.
Each obstacle I encounter is a mere detour to my goals as I develop the skills from those that have gone before me and have had success. Even though I am tired I resist the temptation of failure because as I persist I succeed I am finishing this course.

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Week 11 Persistance and Success

This month OG has taught us persistence. I persist I succeed no questions.
Our “exercise” this week is to concentrate on “Whatsoever things ye desire,
when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them. There is no limitation. It is likened to chopping on the oak tree in Scroll III. We must continue to believe and keep chopping until we receive what we had ask for.
All things are accomplished through the thought process of the mind. If it can be thought of it can be produced.
Walt Disney thought about Disney Land and produced it. Then he thought about Disney World and even though he had passed on before it was completed the thought was still there and his mission was accomplished.
When we believe that our desires (thoughts) have been fulfilled it is Natural Law and it is scientifically exact.
Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen. In Matthew 17-20 it reads: And Jesus said unto them, because of your unbelief , for verily I say unto you, if ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain , remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you. Are these mountains the obstacles or challenges we face each day?

My challenge right now is a DVT that I have been dealing with for a second week but as I press on I persist and I succeed.

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Our Scheduled Sunday

I want everyone to know just how excited I am.

Chuck, “Dusty”, and I had an early breakfast Sunday then we had brunch with Renae, Casi and her husband Jim, the only day of the month we can all be together due to Casi”s job.
We traveled out east to Strausberg and met Carl our son and Tina his wife and several friends for a Mexican early dinner. We returned back to the airplane hanger which we all had a hand in building.
This is where the excitement begins. Ten years ago Carl, Tina, Chuck and I traveled to Redmond Washington to purchase the new airplane. While there we learned how to build the Lancair 4P air plane. Sunday evening we started the engine and everything is perfect! (Just needs a little timing adjustment.) When the engine turned over and it fired Carl had the greatest smile of accomplishment on his face, we are so proud of him. This has been a family project and now it is completed.

It was such a good feeling to have scheduled this past Sunday and just completely relax with our family and our great friends.

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